Stay Clean | Review on Iron Lion Soap

Sweat, blood, cuts…..and infections. As grapplers and fighters, we come into contact with a fair share of bacteria on our own accord; but through the mix of training partners and our surroundings an extreme danger lurking. Face it our sport isn’t the cleanest but we can diminish the chance of infection and improve our hygiene by using the proper products.

Anti Bacteria Soap

Recently, four teammates and I have been testing Iron Lion Soap. This simple make of all-natural ingredients for a premiere anti-fungal and anti-bacterial soap has had a profound effect on all of us. With a fantastic smell and revitalizing touch this has become by far my favorite soap to use. We had four others test it as well and the same sentiment was returned. This soap wasn’t like many of the other soaps as it was soft and didn’t leave your skin dried and cracked. Many of the other soaps are based around anti-bacteria and anti-fungal treatments tend to use several chemicals that can actually damage the skin. While Iron Lion Soap is hand crafted using natural ingredients like tea tree oil and eucalyptus to fight bacteria. The quality of each bar is unquestionable and the capabilities far extend any other soap I have used.

Through the course of six months I have been using this soap; my training regimen is usually 12-20+ hours a week and competing once or twice every two months. After every session I would scrub myself down with a product from Iron Lion Soap, and I was greatly satisfied with the results. Never once did I have an infection, Ringworm, or MRSA, and neither did any teammates of mine using this soap. I pride myself in my cleanliness in a sport that can easily distribute infection and skin diseases if you’re not careful. Some of my basic cleaning tactics are washing my Gi after every session, using multiple Gis, scrubbing down after every class, and treating the smallest cuts or abrasion as soon as they happen. But, even when I was doing all this I was still contracting ringworm while using soaps from Dove, Head and Shoulders, Irish Spring, Dial, Old Spice, and many more. These soaps proved to have the brand name but little effect. After these soaps failed I used some “Jiu Jitsu soaps,” and once again I found issue with them as they were ineffective and expensive. I finally turned to using straight tea tree oil, but found my skin becoming extremely dry and irritated. I don’t use anything else but Iron Lion Soap now, and the choice to do so has kept me safe and on the mats more frequently.

Iron Lion Soap

This soap was created by a father and son to assist with their Jiu Jitsu training, this is a family business that regularly reaches out to their customers and followers to make sure they are providing the best service they can. A tag line on their website states, “Once you have tried our products and experienced the klean feeling, you never use store bought soap again.” To this they are right and I will only use Iron Lion Soap to stay the cleanest I can.

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